How we operate

What makes us different?

Personal contact

TOWA is a family-owned business which understands the importance of a personal touch. We value a personal relationship in our contacts with you. The organisation extensively automated its production processes in 2010. As a result, we are capable of producing far more flexibly and efficiently, and we and our employees are proud of our ability to offer so many possibilities to our partners throughout Europe.

We very much enjoy our work in the familiar environment of our Randweg Zuid facility in Budel, where we always have fresh coffee available for visitors!

Shorter lines – clearer communication – greater agility

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Personal contact inspires confidence

- "A good relationship is the secret of success" -

Fast delivery

What is more annoying than a long wait for something you have ordered? We fully understand this at TOWA, so the standard delivery period for all products in our assortment has been 10 working days for more than 15 years. In the case of custom projects or possible personalised requirements, we always agree a delivery date for the products beforehand.


GLS is a trusted partner and has been responsible for shipping our products for many years. Use Track & Trace to follow your consignment anytime and anywhere!

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Personalised products - For an enduringly beautiful memory

Watch our product video to get an idea of the possibilities offered by TOWA. Personal memories stay with you the longest.

Best value for money in the Netherlands.
Products which retain their beauty indefinitely – for an honest price


Fastening methods - simple and fast

We use different fastening methods to attach our aluminium lettering

  • Short pins (1cm)
  • Long pins (2 cm)
  • Extra-long pins (5cm)
  • No pins
  • Spacers

We offer different options to achieve the optimum aesthetic effect in combination with different types of stone and different design styles, after all…

Looks are important!

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Maintenance - standard 10-year warranty

TOWA only uses the best grades of aluminium and stainless steel. Because our products are given a long-lasting finish as standard, they do not corrode. The products are generally exposed to the elements, so dirt can build up on the surface. You can simply wipe the products clean with a cloth. If this does not achieve the desired result, we also supply special cleaning cloths which will remove even the most stubborn dirt.